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M O T I F   M U S I C   R E C O R D I N G   S T U D I O
Includes producer, engineer, singer, guitarist
and expert music coach Doug Hewitt
with 35 years of experience.

Pay as you go. Simple.
"If you're not having fun you might be doing it wrong."

Check out the EQUIPMENT page to see our beautiful new Yamaha CP-300 digital piano.

New Pro Tools 12.4, new iMac,
new Focusrite interface!

We are SO excited... come help us break it all in!
Motif Music Recording Studio is 3 acoustically treated, inter-windowed rooms connected by microphones and headphones. An extremely affordable and flexible digital recording studio with great microphones, tons of processing, more tracks and effects than you can use, computer-enhanced mixdown, and final mastering capability.

You will love the way your final CD master sounds. Promise.

Hard disk digital recording with more tracks than you can use. Real-time automation can be applied to every level, reverb, effects and all aspects of your mix.

We will make you sound as good as you really are and probably much better.

On every page of this site you will find songs that were recorded at Motif Music that you can listen to by clicking on them:

LISTEN: The Systematics - Thin Air
At Motif Music Recording Studio you get the personal attention of Doug Hewitt -your own producer and engineer with your best interests in mind. Doug is a music producer, engineer, arranger, guitarist, singer, composer, music teacher and the owner of Motif Music. A highly trained musician with 30 years of stage, studio and teaching experience; Doug has produced, engineered and performed on hundreds of projects.
Doug is also an professional guitar, voice and bass guitar instructor. For lessons with Doug call (413)253-2126 
or click on this link:

Doug has just released his new CD Roots In The SkySizzling sax solos and whispering acoustic guitar. Passionate lyrics and delicious vocal harmonies. Trumpets, piano and strings swelling to crescendo...

"We orbit around a spiral sublime. And burn in the fire that we call time. All roads converge, return to stardust. Small difference we make. That's why we must. The world awakes. Consciousness rise. Born of the earth with roots in the sky." 

Roots In The Sky is the most fully realized and best produced album I have ever recorded. After hundreds of hours in the recording studio it's ready for the world at last: a powerfully and beautifully orchestrated rock-jazz-pop-vocal-instrumental-electric-acoustic record. Romance, environmentalism, philosophy, politics... Cosmic, retro, futuristic, sometimes old timey. Solos featuring piano, trumpet, saxophone and guitar, accompanied by cello, violin, viola, horns and lush voice harmonies. 

"I feel your body next to mine, warm and soft arms entwined, and the ticking of the time, are the first things I know today. I have no words to say, searching for a way, to make each moment last, soon this will be past."

This link will take you to the music of Doug Hewitt:

$45 per hour.

Pay as you go. Simple.

Includes producer, engineer, singer, bassist, guitarist and music coach Doug Hewitt.



Doug & Tao Seeger

Bass Guitar: Doug Hewitt, Jeff Nissenbaum
, Mark Sims, Rudi Weeks
Stephen Katz, David Tasgal
Clarinet: Bill Shontz, David Beauvais
Double Bass: John Oltman, Mark Dunlap, Rudi Weeks, Lynn Lovell
Drums & Percussion:  Alan Kurtz, Joe Fitzpatrick, John Crankshaw, Jon Fisher, Makaya McCraven, Peter Jones, Rich Mayer, Seth Hoffsommer, Billy Klock, Chet Pasek, Doug Raneri,
Flute: Bill Shontz, Dia Silverstein, Geoff Vidal, Sarah Clay
Flugelhorn: David Bilodeau, Geoff Cunningham
Guitar: Doug Hewitt, John Michaels, Karl Rausch, Robby Roiter, Zack Danziger
Melodica: Brian Bender
Piano: Mitch Pine, Stephen Page, Adam Bergeron, Dennis Crow, Glen Stegner, Jeff D'antona, Miro Sprague
Saxophone: Alex Meisner, Frank Newton, Bill Shontz, David Beauvais, Lena Bloch
Synthesizer Monster: Glen Stegner
Trombone: Brian Bender, David Beauvais
Trumpet: David Bilodeau, Geoff Cunningham
Violin: Amy Bateman, Ariel Parkington, Dave Tasgal, Dani Lorenzo, Eve Boltax, Terry Rousso
Voice: Barbara Ween, Dani Lorenzo, Doug Hewitt,
Jill Connolly, Marta Mozelle, Paul Pierce, Sarah Clay
Viola: Ariel Parkington

The Outer Orbit band
The Outer Orbit band
LISTEN: Tatyana Tenenbaum - You Were Right


My friend and truly great drummer, bassist and teacher Jeff Nissenbaum
Simmer Music - a western Massachusetts independant music label
Glen Stegner - keyboardist and synthesist extraordinary
Dennis Crow - extraordinary jazz pianist and a real pleasure to work with
The Clay Jazz Band - delightful guitar, flute, vocals, bass and drums. Ear candy.
The Systematics - a great local band
Paul Kaplan - my friend and computer geek
Dr. Sue Keller - a very special kind of dentist