Joe Fitzpatrick
Joe Fitzpatrick
Amherst, Massachusetts (413)213-4543
In the Beautiful Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts

The Interplay Jazz Band; Geoff Vidal, Makaya MacCraven, Mark Dunlap, John Michaels
LISTEN: The Interplay Jazz Band - Big Vic
T e s t i m o n i a l s
"Thanks a million another great piece of work.  AMEN"
Vern Decoteau

"You have really got me pointed in the right direction and I am once again excited about playing music!"
-Rob Wyckoff

"Ok, it's time for you to do a recording - Doug Hewitt is an incredible recording engineer located in Amherst, MA. You really need to meet him and if nothing else, just spend a couple hours in his studio and that's all it will take for you to know what it's like working with the BEST! Watercourse Recording Studio is my preferred recording studio and Doug is my favorite engineer! I've recorded in many studios and Watercourse is my preferred studio of all time. By far, the best!"
-from the website of internationally renown pianist Dennis Crow

"The encouragement that you've extended has meant so much. Your roles as both producer and lead guitarist on my new album "Where I Belong" are ones for which I could never thank you adequately."
-Nancy Rockland-Miller

Thanks to Doug Hewitt at Watercourse Recording for his excellent production work and indispensable vocal coaching."
-Todd Habla

"Doug, I can't believe I sound that good! You made me sound better than I thought possible."
-John Oltman, professional bassist

"Believe me when I say, Doug that you are not only one of the most creative people I know, but an inspiration and a challenging producer who knows how to (sometimes relentlessly) extract the best creativity out of those you work with."
-Bill Shontz

"I love that album. I really do. I love the words, the melodies, the instrumentation, everything. And my friend was also very impressed with the sound. He kept saying, "It sounds like a big New York studio." The sound you got on the drums was, I thought, extraordinary. Sounded like he was in the room with me. And I really want you to play guitar on my new album. " -Sean Vernon

"Doug, the CD sounds great, really great. Thanks so much for everything. We're so happy with how it came out. I'm especially impressed by the great mastering you did on the tracks from the other studios. I'm sure we'll be working together again."

-Joe Cardozo/Cold Duck Complex

Glen Stegner
Glen Stegner
“To Doug Hewitt, most especially, I give my deepest gratitude and appreciation for his patience, versatility, keen ears, awesome voice and musical gifts as well as the invaluable coaching, guidance and expertise he provided on all levels of this project.”
-from “Circle Of Song” by Kate Marks

"People often come in with half-baked ideas and notions; Doug produces in the grand sense - collaborating on tunes, suggesting approaches, working out instrumentation and effects, networking with studio players, etc., as well as strumming and singing on request. Plus CD and cassette duplication. Usually you have a producer AND engineer AND musician; he’s all three simultaneously. Probably the best studio deal in the valley."
- Daily Hampshire Gazette

"I never really had a chance to thank you for the work you did on the last album. If it has any success it will mainly be because of your efforts and the musicians you introduced me to and brought into the studio. Your guitar work alone, with its elegance and versatility, leaves me permanently grateful that i chose to work at your studio. But even more important is the music that you wrote and arranged for my lyrics. So many thanks. I don't usually do testimonials. I think they are corny. But you deserve one."
-Peter Bormuth

Keri Klee
Keri Klee
"Superbly recorded. Extremely sharp... Majestic... Highly recommended."
-Relix Magazine

"Special thanks to Doug Hewitt for his time, energy, patience and immense musical skill."
-from The Eclectic Revolution by Daniel Gibson

"Doug captures my drum sound beautifully. I believe in Watercourse."
- drummer Loren Weisman

"Doug had immense patience during the recording sessions; being teacher, coach, co-writer and engineer all wrapped up in one. He was an inspiration. But the best part of of working with Doug was that the whole process was fun and exciting; creating a full fledged song from the mere idea I’d come in with."
- from “Could’ve Been A Romance” by Chad Vinkemulder

"Thank you, Doug for honoring my music, opening my voice and offering patience, golden ears and vast skill and tallent to my project. Needless to say I couldn't have done it without you.
All hail Watercourse!"
-Sarah Hankins

Dan Weber
Dan Weber
LISTEN: Doug Hewitt - Stealing Dreams