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E q u i p m e n t

New Pro Tools 12.4, new iMac,
new Focusrite interface!

We are SO excited... come help us break it all in!

Our quest for the ultimate piano sound led us to the Yamaha CP-300 Digital Piano. You will love its true piano feel beneath your fingers as well as its extremely yummy strings, electric piano, organ -in addition to its unrivaled Grand Piano sound... Its a very, very long list of delicious sounds this thing makes. We did more than a years worth of research and testing and listening to all the major brands before we took this sweetheart home. We are in love. Can you tell?
LISTEN: Cold Duck Complex - God's Grill
control room
control room
* C O N S O L E *
Mackie 24 channel 8 bus Mixing Console

* R E C O R D E R S *
Apple Power Mac G4, Mark Of The Unicorn 828 Firewire, Alesis XT 8 Track Digital Recorder, Alesis BRC, Tascam 58 with (or without) DBX noise reduction, Tascam DA-30mkII, Tascam DA-30 DAT Recorder, Tascam CD-RW750 Professional CD Recorder,
HHB Pro CDR-850 CD Burner, Ricoh MP6200S CD Burner, Sony 75ES DAT Recorder, Teac & Onkyo cassette recorders

* M I C R O P H O N E S *
AKG C414, AKG C1000s (3), AKG D112, Sennheiser 421, Beyer Ribbon M500N, Sure SM 57 (5), Sure SM 58, Crown PZM

* M O N I T O R S *
Mackie HR824 High Resolution Studio Monitors, UltraPhonic Studio Monitors, TOA 280-ME Studio Monitors, Bose 800 Loudspeakers, Headphones by AKG, Sony, Yamaha, Sennheiser and Beyer. Behringer audio analizer/equalizer.

keep scroling down for more very cool stuff...

* G U I T A R S & AMPS & S T U F F *
2002 Martin D-42 acoustic guitar Jaw-dropping sound.
You will want to play it on your album- guaranteed! (but you have to wash your hands first!)

Gibson ES-347 electric guitar
Simply luscious from rock to jazz - the genuine vintage article!
1981 Guild D-50 acoustic guitar with ibeam pickup
Built like a truck, strum this baby like Pete Townsend would.
1972 Fender Bassman Amp possibly the very best amp there is for gorgeous tone, a fabulous deep dark tone monster
Polytone Mini Brute II brand new, the real deal, beautiful jazz amp
Fender Blues Junior Amp wow, turn up the gain! This is a type A amplifier. Put an EQ in front of it and anything is possible.
1985 Fender Concert Amp the Phish guitar amp, turn up the gain!

Behringer Ultrabass BX3000T Bass Amp simply wonderful through our 15 inch speaker cabinet
Huge to mid-sized speaker Cabinets by Jensen, Electro Voice, Fender and SWR
Guitar Pedal Effects: Digitech, Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive, MXR M-108 Ten Band EQ, DBX saturator, RAT distortion, Cry Baby Wah/Volume Pedal, Tube Works Blue Tube Pedal, DBX Mini Pre-amp (tube), Whirlwind Direct Box, Conquest Direct Box, several Fender Spring Reverbs.....

* K E Y B O A R D S *
Yamaha CP-300 see pic above
The search is over. This is the BEST, most acoustic sounding, digital piano in the world. PLUS it has hundreds of other killer sounds. We are still discovering what this baby can do.

Yamaha DX7 great vintage sound!
Roland Sound Canvas

* O U T B O A R D S I G N A L P R O C E S S I N G *
DBX 166 Stereo Compressors (3), DBX 1531X Stereo/Mono EQ, Yamaha GQ 1031 31 Band EQ, MXR Dual 15 Band EQ, MXR 31 Band EQ, DBX 263X De-Esers (4), Lexicon MPX100 Multi Effects Unit, Lexicon PCM 60 Reverberator, Yamaha REV7, Digitech 256 XL

Megan Rollins
LISTEN: Megan Rollins - It Don't Come Easy -Patty Griffin
Tascam 58
The DBX 2031 Graphic Equalizer. Built in limiter and noise reduction. One of our latest additions to the studio. With this baby we can shape the tone of an electric guitar or bass or absolutely anything to an astonishing degree. Wonderful creativity!