Guitar, Bass & Voice Lessons with Doug Hewitt

at Motif Music Recording Studio

Amherst, Massachusetts (413) 213-4543

Weekly, one hour lessons available right now:
Mondays: 3:00, 4:00
Tuesdays: 2:00, 3:00
Wednesdays: 3:00, 5:00
Thursdays: 12:00, 3:00

Updated on 11/1319
This page is always current so check here for updates!

At the bottom of this page you can listen to music my students have recorded here! Plus a song of mine: Ok To Be Human -from my latest album Roots In The Sky.

In the beautiful Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts

Fun * Reading * Theory * Improvisation * Listening * Writing * Jamming * Recording * Did I say fun?

Beyond the What to the How and the Why.
Music is so much more than notes on a page.

I practice positive reinforcement because learning happens better, faster and far more enjoyably in an environment where words like "good," "right" and "yes" replace negative ones. I emphasize the postive, what you are doing that is good. This makes learning -as well as teaching- much more fun!

Some music being played by my students this week:
Wish You Were Here -Pink Floyd, Closer To Fine -Indigo Girls, Stormy Monday -T Bone Walker, While My Guitar Gently Weeps -Beatles, Hotel California -The Eagles, One Of Us -Joan Osborne, Bouree -J.S.Bach, Crazy Little Thing Called Love -Queen, Kasmir -Led Zeppelin, Free Man In Paris -Joni Mitchell, Pinball Wizard -The Who, Bright Size Life -Pat Metheny, Chameleon -Herbie Hancock, All Blues -Miles Davis, Ziggy Stardust -David Bowie, Ripple -Grateful Dead, Concerto In D Major -Antonio Vivaldi, Layla -Eric Clapton, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic -Police, Crossroads -Robert Johnson/Cream, Road Song -Wes Montgomery, Fly Me To The Moon -Bart Howard, Redemption Song -Bob Marley, Fur Elise -Beethoven, Down On The Corner -Credence, Black Orpheus -Louis Bonfa, Like A Rolling Stone -Bob Dylan, Autumn Leaves -Johnny Mercer

According to a recent National Endowment for the Arts survey, only 12 percent of Americans play a musical instrument even once per year. I really want to change that!

I've been teaching music for more than half of my life and I enjoy it more now than ever! I find it very exciting yet relaxing. Most of my current students have been with me for several or more years and I think that in a short while we develop a very special, unique relationship. I know we have lots of fun! Quite frankly, I am very grateful to my students for their tremendous loyalty. This just keeps getting better all the time!

As I like to say: learning and fun are not exclusive. Learning music should be fun and I do my best to make it so.

-I specialize in Rock, Jazz, Blues and Folk, with some classical pieces for reading practice and rounding of knowledge and technique.
-Children and adults, beginners to professionals accepted.
-Absolutely patient & personal attention is guaranteed for every lesson.
-Feel free to bring your acoustic or electric or bass guitar. Some students alternate between all three!
-I give out hundreds of pieces of sheet music to my students every year.
-Lessons are molded to your individual tastes & needs.
-Emphasis on comprehension, not memorization.
-I am not a "Don't think about it -just put your finger there" kind of teacher. I want you to know what & why.

General Areas of Focus
Learning Songs, Chords, Strumming, Picking, Reading,
Scales, Keys, Theory, Improvisation, Higher Positions,
Speed, Fretboard Efficiency,  Harmony, Modes,
Ear Training, Chord Alterations and Extensions,Vocabulary,
Notation, Phrasing, Songwriting, Jamming, Recording...

Lessons are $45/ hour. Most people take one lesson per week on a regular day and time, although other arrangements can usually be made. In your first lesson you will get some pages with songs, notes and scales on them. After a few lessons you will have enough music that I recommend a three ring loose-leaf notebook to organize everything in. Some of my students have literally hundreds of pieces of sheet music that I have given them! I have a policy of one last-minute cancellation per month with no charge, after which I ask for 24 hours notice or there will be a charge for the lesson.

I teach at my studio so it's easy to make CDs to take home to practice with. If you want to, fun studio recording projects can be a creative, instructive & exciting part of your lessons, but mostly its just great fun! Some of my more accomplished students have recorded entire CDs of songs they love. I have the bass and drum tracks all ready to go! Or you can play the bass, vocal and guitar parts yourself! (I'll just turn on the drums over here...) With my help some students have even recorded their own music!

At the bottom of this page you can listen to music my students have recorded here!

I am a professional guitarist, vocalist, composer, studio engineer & producer. A highly trained musician & teacher with 30 years of stage, studio and teaching experience; I have produced, engineered and performed on hundreds of projects.

The Doug Hewitt Group performs uniquely original rock & jazz -drawing from Doug's 30+ years of songwriting- plus covers ranging from Coltrane to Bowie. The DHG performs selections from his albums Roots In The Sky Picasso Tomato, Event Horizons, Zen Cats and Freedom's Fire. The band is Doug guitar and vocals, John Crankshaw drums, Mitch Pine piano & vocals, Lynn Lovell bass, Danielle Lorenzo violin & vocals & David Beauvais sax. Their sound has been compared to Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Joni Mitchell and Pat Metheny. The Doug Hewitt Group performs three types of shows: jazz, rock and originals which fuse those genres. Come to a DHG show and expect to hear great music played by amazing musicians. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Other bands I am currently playing with are: the Shontz, Pine & Hewitt Jazz Trio, Janoson/Hewitt Jazz Duo, the Nancy Rockland-Miller Band, the PACE Jazz Jam & the Northampton Jazz Jam -plus I am a frequent guest guitarist with various other groups. You never know where I may be next!
Well, actually you CAN find out where I will be next at

The Daily Hampshire Gazette newspaper recently printed very nice, little article about me. Here's the link:

Some recent testimonials:

"I've been so impressed with your patience yet persistence with [son's name] who's not the easiest to teach! You've been a great presence for him. Thank you so much. You're really the BEST teacher I've ever encountered." -Carla Savetsky

"Will came out of your lesson today smiling! He really enjoyed it and feels like you are going to teach him well. See you next Wednesday!" -Dan

"What a gem of a teacher you are!" -Harold DeHaven

"This is one of my favorite hours of the whole week. I always feel better after one of our sessions. This is music therapy for me." -Mike Akrep

Thank you again for your work with Tyler. So many times learning something new and sticking with it comes from the teachers ability to motivate and instill a love of learning. He really loves to play and is improving by leaps and bounds all due to you!" -Lynn Hayes

"I am learning alot more than I ever expected to and I really want to thank you!" -Brandon Daniels

"Doug, you are perhaps the best teacher -of any kind- that I have ever had. Your ability to communicate musical concepts is amazing. You have improved my guitar playing, understanding, theory, reading and improvisation in ways I could not have imagined. Thank you so much!" -Josh Pelin

"I know that if I need to take a break I'm confident that something will open up at some point. My wife suggested perhaps a different teacher. I said no way! I dig where we've gone and I'm looking forward to continue the work! Thanks Doug!" -Tom Davidson

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work with my son. You have done such a wonderful job giving him the tools and the confidence he needs to continue his dreams forward. Your patience and positive attitude has made all the difference to him. You are always there to encourage him and give him a smile. You really are a wonderful teacher." - P. L.

"This is my favorite hour of the whole week. Doug, you are such an excellent teacher." - Greg Lesky

"In my National Endowment of the Humanities grant proposal I mentioned you, Doug, as an excellent influence on me, being kind, patient and unrelenting." - Jennifer Breen

"I just want to say thank you for being a great guitar teacher and all-around good guy. I'll always remember what you taught me and continue to add onto it throughout life." - Scott Allison

"Doug - Thanks so much!!  Zach has explained to me what a great honor it is to have been added to your website.  And I have to agree with you - they sound great. Thanks for all you do to make them sound great. -Best, Elizabeth"

"I never got to really thank you for being the best information giver and giving me the ability to teach myself how to play guitar and read music, you're the best!"
-Mike Fevola

The Music of Doug Hewitt - original music with downloadable songs

Video of my student Sajo Jefferson on performing one of her original songs on live TV!

Fly Me To The Moon -Sajo Jefferson: voice & lead guitar, Zack Mundt: bass & lead guitar.
Loser -Aidan Chesworth: rhythm & lead guitars plus vocals.
Dear Prudence -Seth Ledoux plays acoustic, electric and bass guitars plus vocals!
Tony Kurpaska: Black Orpheus
Jared Dalkas, age 16: Mr. Blue Sky, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, piano, bass and voice!
My Funny Valentine: Sajo Jefferson- lead & rhythm guitars, vocals, Zach Mundt- bass. NICE harmonies in the 3rd verse!
Zach Mundt: What Is And What Should Never Be. He played guitar, bass & vocals!
Mike A.: Summertime. He played violin, sax, clarinet and bass on an Electronic Wind Instrument.
Well You Needn't played by Nash Lochner. 3 guitars and bass on this one. NICE solo!
Nowhere Man: Nathan Ellis sang and played all the guitar parts!
Zach Mundt's own composition One Snowy Day. He played all the guitars and basses!
Ok To Be Human