Doug Hewitt Roots In The Sky CD
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Doug Hewitt Roots In The Sky CD
Roots In The Sky (2014) Click on the album to purchase!

Sizzling sax solos and whispering acoustic guitar. Passionate lyrics and delicious vocal harmonies. Trumpets, piano and strings swelling to crescendo...

"We orbit around a spiral sublime. And burn in the fire that we call time. All roads converge, return to stardust. Small difference we make. That's why we must. The world awakes. Consciousness rise. Born of the earth with roots in the sky."

Roots In The Sky is the most fully realized and best produced album I have ever recorded. After hundreds of hours in the recording studio it's ready for the world at last: a powerfully and beautifully orchestrated rock-jazz-pop-vocal-instrumental-electric-acoustic record. Romance, environmentalism, philosophy, politics... Cosmic, retro, futuristic, sometimes old timey. Solos featuring piano, trumpet, saxophone and guitar, accompanied by cello, violin, viola, horns and lush voice harmonies.

"I feel your body next to mine, warm and soft arms entwined, and the ticking of the time, are the first things I know today. I have no words to say, searching for a way, to make each moment last, soon this will be past."

Writing and recording took place between 2007 and 2013, enlisting the talents of the best musicians I have ever worked with: Ariel Parkington violin & viola, Bill Shontz alto & tenor sax, flute & clarinet, Dave Bilodeau trumpet & flugelhorn, Danielle Lorenzo & Megan Rollins vocals, David Tasgal violin, viola & cello, Frank Newton alto sax, Joe Fitzpatrick drums, Michael Akrep baritone horn, Mitch Pine piano & organ, Rudi Weeks bass, Stephen Katz cello. And of course me, Doug Hewitt guitars, vocals, bass, keys, percussion, composition, production and direction!

"Whatever it takes, whatever's involved. Differences aside, problems we must solve. Extinction's forever. We must evolve 'til it's OK to be human."

Doug Hewitt Picasso Tomato
Picasso Tomato (2006) Click on the album to purchase!
Picasso Tomato is a jazz/rock album with a high degree of stylistic diversity. I intentionally placed songs of contrast next to each other. Maybe it's for that reason that some reviewers have called Picasso Tomato a "concept album." Others have noted its writing, musicianship and production values. I will say that this album represents three years of my very best work. It is music of the heart and hundreds of studio hours. The painting on the cover reflects the artistic diversity of this CD -like a gallery where each room features a different style: abstract, realist, impressionist... A wide-ranging album with original songs spanning jazz to rock and folk with classical excursions. In addition to my electric and acoustic guitars and voice there's lots of great musicians playing a variety of instruments: violin, saxophone, piano, synthesizer, tons of harmonies, drums, bass and percussion. This is music of the round in a cube world. Or maybe versa-visa. Unexpect the expected. It has become less common to include more than one genre or energetic state on a single album. To bookend rock and folk styles between jazz instrumentals can render an album virtually unclassifiable. I have always appreciated diversity and eclecticism in art. I hope you enjoy!

Zen Cats Event Horizons
Event Horizons (1996)
In the '90s Doug and brother Scott's band Zen Cats toured the Northeast to fans hungry for the sound of our unique jazz-tinged high-energy rock. The album Event Horizons also includes some gentler and introspective bluesy and jazzy pieces. 12 songs that make you feel like you are at a live Zen Cats concert! Very much a collaboration, the Hewitt brothers share the songwriting credits on this album. Doug: guitar & vocals, Scott: bass, Glen Stegner: keys, Dave Noonan, Loren Weisman and Scott MacIntire: drums. Extra points to anyone who can tell us what the cover is a photograph of!

Doug Hewitt Scott Hewitt Zen Cats
Zen Cats (1993)
Soon to be released on CD!